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We cannot create a world we cannot imagine and STORIES fuel our imagination. The most beautiful aspect of these stories is that they portray a wide range of emotions and experiences that don't fade away with time. Through VILLUPATTU, an ancient form of musical story telling where narration is interspersed with music, mythological and social stories are retold with intricate details.
Here are Musical Renditions of our ancient sagas where the BEAT OF THE SONG carries with it the LIFE OF THE STORY.

Talk Show

Experience EXTRAORDINARY LIVES by listening to the reminiscing voices of EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE.
Watch them relive the transforming moments as they unravel their experiences and discover what makes them THEM
As they surf through Life’s special moments we discover how their lives became SPECIAL


If it weren’t for the Dreamers who write, we may be sitting in caves …if not already extinct
makes up more than three quarters of our REAL LIFE.
Here are STORIES that you can relate to, and characters you can identify with.
Laugh, Cry, Love and Hate…with a host of characters who may have visited your home through your TV


Some journeys take us far from home, browsing through Past and Present, peeping into Cultures and Corporates,
following the footsteps of Great Leaders, witnessing Paramount Events unfold, grasping the ESSENCE OF HUMAN SPIRIT.
Here are a series of NON- FICTION FILMS providing new dimensions with a gripping narrative.


The world is giving us ANSWERS every day, If only we learn to LISTEN
Here are a series of TALKS that unravel the truth about various aspects of life,
at times making sense of our past, at times showing a way forward, at times giving clarity,
at times provoking us to question, at times from SCRIPTURES, at times from EXPERIENCES

Vedic Chants

What better way to uplift your SPIRIT, Cleanse your BEING
Connect with the COSMOS and feel closer to your GOD
than to chant from the SCRIPTURES… and chant the name of the DIVINE
Go on… LOSE yourself, only to find a new YOU all over again…


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